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About Me

I am passionate about babies and as the eldest of five siblings, taking care of others has always been a big part of my story. A strong pull towards helping those around me continued into adulthood with the choice to study nursing and build my career in the healthcare industry.


Now as a mother of three, I know the joy of being a parent but I also understand the fear and frustration that can come along with it. The importance of having support during the postpartum period became so apparent when I first had my beautiful babies, it was especially important in the early days as a new mom.


Successful breastfeeding can make such a difference to the overall experience of this evolution for the family, I will provide you with knowledge that will help establish a good foundation for feeding and allow you to confidently troubleshoot any struggles that may arise.


When I have free time I enjoy going for walks with my dog, reading good books, and sipping on a nice hot cup of coffee. I also like to spend time with my family, and volunteer in the community.


Postpartum Doula

DONA International Doula Workshop, 2020

Certified Breastfeeding Specialist 

Lactation Resources, 2019

Registered Nurse

Bachelor of Nursing, Athabasca @ Mount Royal University, 2006

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